17 10, 2014

SPOTLIGHT: Marijuana 101, The Basics: An Introduction To Marijuana

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Before entering a medical marijuana dispensary for the first time, here is some information which will help you feel comfortable and better understand the basics about Marijuana.

What is Marijuana/Cannabis?

The term ‘marijuana’ (sometimes spelled  ‘marihuana’) is Mexican in origin and typically refers to any part of, or any one of, the three distinctive subspecies of […]

13 10, 2014

Ways to enhance your marijuana high!

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Smoking marijuana can be extremely euphoric at first. However, the thing with marijuana is that over time, you can smoke a lot of it, without passing out, or completely going out of your mind. When you start smoking at first, it seems like the best feeling in the world, but over-time, tolerance increases to […]

13 10, 2014

Things to do when you’re high

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Getting high feels amazing if you’re lying in bed and thinking about nothing in particular. But a good way to explore your high and really enjoy it is to do different things. The euphoria is further maximized by exposing yourself to different stimuli. It also depends on the strain you’re smoking. If it’s a […]

10 10, 2014

Press Release

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Orlando, Florida

October 1, 2014

Mattern Media is pleased to announce that it has been chosen to represent Products Out There Inc. in the sale of the unique web domain pot.com

pot.com is a 17 year old web domain which has been continually leased to entrepreneurs who have business’s associated with the medical marijuana industry. With […]